About Us

From Texas with love 🧡

Hello friends,

Even though we might not have met each other yet, I know for sure that we have one thing in common: the endless love for our puppies! 🐾

Throughout my lifetime, I have lived with and raised three puppies:

- Bean: a royal Havanese dog who was saved from a former abusive owner. My landlord adopted this little guy, and we became best-friends forever 😚

- Luna: a Pomeranian princess originally came from Japan. She is such a sweet-heart and always wants to cuddle 🧡


- Snowie: a shy 3 months old Samoyed who sneaks into my bed every night even though I "told" him not to do so 😂


It's all started when one of my close friends, Holland, went out for a walk with his puppy, Juliet, and lost her due to a moment of negligence. He couldn't find her, and kept blaming himself for not having his personal information on her collar; so that there might have been a better chance for Juliet could come home.

I realize this could have happened to my dog and others as well, so I decide to take action. At Puppie Collars, I assure you this isn't just purely a shopping platform. My team and I put our whole hearts into this, and that is why we donate a percentage of our profits to our local animal rescue organizations. We care for your dog's safety, and even make sure that safety comes in a premium, classy, and elegant design. Let's protect our clumsy friends, the ones who make us feel like home anywhere we go 🐾


Sono Poro | Puppie Collars' Founder